But First, A List: The Pitfalls of Overplanning

Good morning dear readers! It’s me, your friendly (and kinda weird, if we’re being honest) freelancer writer and le¬†jaqueline-of-all-trades! Oui!

After a month of chaos (like, not our normal chaos of raising three tiny humans and juggling multiple gigs, but more like hosting lots of out-of-town guests followed by a voodoo hex of a stomach bug which descended on our my family LIKE A PLAGUE) I’m back and I want to tell you, I have a dirty little secret.


No, no, no! Nothing like that! My dirty little secret is…I am an overplanner. There, I’ve said it. No take-backs!

I L-O-V-E to plan things, and I love making lists (and if you want proof, check out my very first blog post!) Lists are one of the most effective ways for me to accomplish just about anything. Going out-of-town with the aforementioned three smaller-than-me humans and not sure what to pack? Make a list!¬†Managing multiple projects simultaneously and worried about letting something crucial fall through the cracks? Make a list!¬†Going on a Target run and need groceries, a seasonal door mat that says “Welcome” and three small bottles of super glue? Ok, maybe make a list, because let’s be honest, Target runs are basically an every-other-day thing around here.

And you know what lists are really super perfect for? PROCRASTINATING! Yep, it’s true…sadly, tragically true. I make lists in my head and on paper about things I want to write ALL. DAY. LONG and you know what happens next? Nothing. I spend so much time planning and getting excited about new ideas and mentally indexing my creative musings that when it comes time to actually do the thing called “writing” that I don’t even know where to start.

(Sidenote: I found a super complicated way to make a list, called bullet journaling, it gave me borderline anxiety, and basically confirms everything I’m writing in this blog post).

(Also, I DID find a sort-of-list that I think I could actually use and you can buy it at KnockKnockStuff.com)


As I mentioned, the last month has just been CRAZY around here, and now that the dust has settled I’m really not sure where to pick up and what should come first. Obviously, I’m tending to my blog, but what comes next? Should I start working on outlines for my book chapters? That sounds fun! Should I update my website and repost some of my blogs on my social media channels? Pretty good idea, social media is so important for freelancers. Should I do a writing exercise (because what’s better than practicing writing?) Um, that would be writing, dummy.

This whole conundrum reminds me of the nailing jello to the wall analogy. Useless and frustrating (and a waste of perfectly good jello). I think when it comes to writing, we just need to write. Over and over and over again, just write! I started my freelance business because I needed the flexibility of working on my own schedule so that I could tend to LIFE when it came a-calling. But what I’m slowly, stubbornly realizing is that you must protect your writing with the fierceness of a warrior goddess protecting her right to rock skin-tight, leather corsets and skimpy metal armor regardless of the fact that she’s being blatantly sexualized in the media…you know, relentlessly! #IheartXenaforever


Look, I’m not trying to take away anyone’s rollerball blue pen and yellow notepad. Far be it from me to shake off the conventions that have served me so well as a multi-tasking fiend. But writing isn’t always about multitasking, is it? Sometimes it’s about getting that one stupid cube of jello to actually stick to the wall.

P.S. I actually hate jello, but the metaphor works.





5 Lists To Help You Make More Lists

Welcome to my blog! I hope you come back each week (or so) and find out what I’m up to. In lieu of your standard introductory post about me and how I got here and blah blah blah I thought I’d give you something “actionable”. Don’t you just love to read “actionable” blog posts?! I know I do! So here are 5 Lists To Help You Make More Lists!

A Grocery List

A grocery list is complete in and of itself, right? WRONG! You can’t just go jotting things down all willy-nilly! When was the last time you found Himalayan Pink Salt sitting smack dab right next to your favorite brand of gluten free, guten flavored, gluten nibs? It never happens! So why write down your grocery list without considering layout and optimizing your chances of not forgetting your favorite snacks? Avoid this time waster by breaking down your grocery list into multiple lists featuring like items or items in proximity.

A To-Do List

This list is self-explanatory. You write down a list of things you want to do. If you want to get all crazy about it, consider a Venn Diagram style approach or create a vision board.

A Bucket List

There might be things you want to do before you die. Instead of a long, yabbery list of unfulfilled dreams, break them down into the following:

  • Things that might kill me
  • Things that probably won’t kill me, but require adequate and ongoing health insurance (good luck!)
  • Things that are highly unlikely to ever happen (like writing a novel, living in a tiny house, or making a go of stand up comedy)
  • Figuring out America’s fascination with Kevin Bacon


A “Honey-Do” List

This is sexist and outdated. Do that sh*t yourself. Also, create a list of less offensive, more gender-inclusive names for a “Honey-Do” list.

A Sh*t List

This is probably my favorite kind of list. Although I typically write it in my head and rearrange its order based on what member of my family or circle of friends is currently doing the DUMBEST. SH*T. EVER, it can sometimes be therapeutic to put pen to paper on this one. Categories might include, “Gave me a stupid birthday gift” or “Excessively pushed a new food item during dinner” or “Thinks Chili’s is a great place for hanging out.” You get the picture.

So there you have it! 5 Lists To Help You Make More Lists! I hope you found this week’s blog valuable. If you need more lists in your life, check out Buzzfeeds’s Lists News for more lists on lists on lists.



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