Things I’ve Written

Please feel free to peruse the following links to check out my writing. (P.S. – did you know peruse actually means to read something thoroughly or in a careful way? Now you do!)

I am a regular contributor for Focus Mid-South Magazine, a Memphis LGBT + ally publication. Check out some of my interviews!

I am also a regular guest blogger on Lies About Parenting, an online parenting community. You can read my latest blog about non-gendered gift ideas here.

You can also check out my personal blog here.¬†From french fries to superheros, you never know what I’ll cover next, but I guarantee it will be short and to the point. You’re welcome.¬†

I don’t know who this is, but I wanted to you to see an example of how contemplative I can be when writing. I wonder what she’s thinking about? A scandalous entanglement? A potential new ingredient for her jello mold? The possibilities are endless.